Functionalized Cardiovascular Stents

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Editors: Gerard Wall Halina Podbielska Magdalena Wawrzynska
Edition: 1st
eBook ISBN: 9780081004982
Imprint: Woodhead Publishing
Published Date: 1st February 2017
Page Count: 368

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of mortality in the western world and about half of these deaths are caused by coronary artery disease. One of the most commonly used interventions to treat arterial blockages is to deploy an arterial stent to keep the vessel open. Traditionally, some cardiovascular stents have been associated with serious side-effects, such as thrombosis.

This book describes the fundamentals of cardiovascular stents, technologies to functionalize their surfaces and the market status of these important implants. The chapters provide specific focus on the production and evolution of cardiovascular stents, providing essential knowledge for researchers on advances in the field and knowledge of how cardiovascular stents are currently being “functionalized” in order to improve their biocompatibility and minimize negative outcomes in vivo.

Key Features

  • Provides a specific focus on cardiovascular stents
  • Includes a range of topics covering the fundamentals, surface modification and biofunctionalization
  • Provides essential knowledge for researchers on advances in the field


Researchers in the medical device and biomaterials industry

Table of Contents

Part One: Fundamentals of cardiovascular stents
1. Overview of cardiovascular stent designs
2. Fundamentals of bare metal stents
3. Development of drug eluting stents (DES)
4. Polymer-free drug-eluting stents
5. Fundamentals of bioresorbable stents
6. Bioabsorbable metallic stents

Part Two: Coatings and surface modification of cardiovascular stents
7. Physico-chemical stent surface modifications
8. Chemical vapor deposition of cardiac stents
9. Polymer coatings for biocompatibility and reduced nonspecific adsorption
10. Coating stability for stents
11. Simple one-step covalent immobilisation of bioactive agents without use of chemicals on plasma-activated low thrombogenic stent coatings

Part three: Biofunctionalisation of cardiovascular stent surfaces
12. Chemistry of targeted immobilisation of biomediators
12. In vitro coating of cardiovascular stents with cells (EPCs)
13. Functionalized cardiovascular stents: Cardiovascular stents incorporated with stem cells
14. Nitric oxide donor delivery
15. Immobilization of peptides on cardiovascular stent
16. Immobilisation of antibodies on cardiovascular stents

About the Editor

Gerard Wall

Dr. Gerard Wall obtained his primary degree in Microbiology from the National University of Ireland, Galway, followed by a PhD in Molecular Immunology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. After a period spent engineering antibodies at the University of Zurich in Switzerland, he established his own research group in protein engineering at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He returned to NUI Galway in 2008 and is based in Microbiology and the Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CÚRAM). He has published widely on recombinant protein expression and engineering and has particular interests in the fields of antibody engineering, drug delivery, and materials functionalization.


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